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Do you have any questions? Ask us!.

Do you have any questions? Ask us!.

MyFormSolution App

MyFormSolution is a comprehensive, all-in-one, cloud-based, non-downloadable immigration case management application; With robust tools for reporting, visa tracking, secure storage and much more. For more details on the classification of our services and legal information, click the button below.

Forms library

Users benefit from a complete system of questionnaires based on the USCIS forms library, for their correct handling.

Portal according to user role

You can use system roles to assign subsets of administrative privileges to other users, as well as access defined for clients.

Web and mobile

Automation of processes, status, appointments and processing time through the web and mobile application.

Cloud-based web application specialized in immigration cases

Our solutions for your cases

combination of forms with your questionnaire

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Case status (immigration petition or application).

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Combination of checklists and quiz tasks

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Available for Android and iOS operating systems

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priority date tracking and processing times

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Generation of invoices and payment platform

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MyFormSolution App

Our value

We help facilitate the management of immigration cases and their follow-up through a productive digital tool designed for the use of multiple migration scenarios.

Carefully designed plans.

Available for iOS and Android.

Portal for clients and administrators.

Online case status.

Questionnaire in english and spanish.

Complete case tracking, with internal chat for better communication.

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Our plans

Our solutions for your cases

Free version

Learn about the power of our solutions for all your cases for a period of 15 days.
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Basic plan

With everything you need to generate questionnaires, forms and follow up on cases.
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Advanced Plan

Manage invoices and payments, as well as greater efficiency through our mobile application; as well as messages with our artificial intelligence assistant.
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Premium Plan

With all the power: customer portal, complete administration, greater interaction with our artificial intelligence assistant, internal chat and more!.
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Premium Plan Plus

With all the power: client portal, complete administration, total interaction with our artificial intelligence assistant, internal chat and more!
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Collaborate seamlessly with your clients and address their needs effectively. Automate immigration tasks, gain unlimited case storage, and work from anywhere, on any device.

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